The real thing by doing after this motto is our Hinduism; peace surrounds the world and enthusiasm on our cultural festivals.

Mr. Gor has really played vital role in doing this activities. His part is well marked.

As, Friends Group of Bhuj is a religious charitable institute established for concert in Activities as such Non Profit Organization.

The main and foremost important thing is connectivity in helping people and utility in doing Good deeds. Here by with explained detail activities and events organized by group every year are discussed as below:-

Festivals relates to Ganesha in Gujarat and Bhuj; and a recent function relates to Lord Ganesha has been celebrated by Friend Group this year in Gujarat.

Basically the group concerned with religious festival celebration and activities on same side as like:-

People who are in need of money.

Meetings related to religious point of views.

They also organize Blood Donation Camp. This year a biggest celebration also done in Bhuj as to Vanche Gujarat.

The videos of function held on the day of Ganesha Chaturti on our website. You can watch and upload also from there.

If you are connected with such kind of activities you can also contact us, and if you like you can be part of us in doing good deed for the nation.

As, we have one saying is that One hand can start something doing well; to make it best many hands be together.

So, come, join us and part is a today of Good deed for Nation.