Biggest Festival in Gujarat

Friends group bhuj been established for the one eyesight and that times to celebrates religious events and activities as a charitable institute.

Before some time occurs they also do celebration of Ganesh festival in Gujarat, Uploaded videos are on the site of recent ones.

Importance and History about Ganesh Festival

Ganesh Chaturti is religious festival of Hinduism which celebrated all over India and around the world too. At India level Ganesha Chaturti celebrated at big level. Which known as Vinayaka and Ganesh Chaturti. The festival celebrated in remembrance of lord Ganesha son of Deities Shiva and Parvati.

Ganesh Chaturti celebrated in the month of Bhadrapadda. In 2010, 12th of September festival is celebrated. In the evening time in temples and residence of devotees prayers will be done.

On the day of Ganesh Chaturti, idol of Ganesh be casted in river water or in sea as a symbolic way to show next birth of Ganesh which brings happiness and joy.

We at Friends group welcome you to divine of Lord Ganesha transform you high Strata of Ganesha benevolent presence. So always grace by blessings of him.

A sweet called modak is favorite of Lord Ganesha as to be considered will made during this time. The idol has belief and it put up to 10 days and i.e. from Bhadrapad Sudh to Ananata Chaturdashi will ritual by mantra. After completion of 10th day on next procession started and devotees sing and dance before immerse lord in water and pray for removal of all obstacles and misfortune and then return idol to his parents i.e. is called mount kailash known as Ganesha Visarjan.